Precious Metal Clay Starter Kit

Precious Metal Clay Starter Kit


This kit includes everything you could possibly need to make several beautiful PMC charms. Choose from four different mould designs to create individual charms, or use several designs to complement each other. Follow the step-by-step instructions and discover how to use moulding techniques with PMC. The kit includes: Pack of 7g PMC3 (6.3g of silver, once fired), Work Mat, Teflon Sheet, Badger Balm, Paintbrush, Hand drill with selection of drill bits, Mould, Sandpaper, Necklace Cord, Jump rings, Kiln firing voucher and an instruction booklet. The voucher allows you to send your pieces off to be fired if you don’t have a kiln or blow torch. Amaze yourself and produce lovely pieces of silver jewellery in your own home.

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